NetPsych Online Counseling provides highly-trained, doctoral-level mental health treatment for a wide range of mental health difficulties.
John J. Wagner, Licensed Clinical Psychologist # 6292

Online Counseling for Ohio Residents

Phone and videoconferencing psychotherapy sessions.

At NetPsych Online Counseling, we provide Ohio residents the ability to easily and affordably see a licensed clinical psychologist right from their homes. With only a few easy steps, clients are able to see available session times and schedule either a confidential videoconferencing session or a confidential phone session. These psychotherapy sessions will be scheduled with Dr. John Wagner, Psy.D., Ohio Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

NetPsych Online Counseling is mobile friendly, offering clients the ability to conveniently consult with Dr. John Wagner from mobile devices, computers, cell phones, and land lines. Whether you have a busy schedule, do not have the means or ability to travel, live in a remote area, or simply prefer to consult with a psychologist from the comfort of your home, NetPsych Online Counseling provides highly trained/doctoral level mental health treatment for a wide range of mental health difficulties.


Dr. John Wagner treats:

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NetPsych treats individuals 12 years and older.
If you are experiencing a mental health or physical health emergency, please call 911.